Can anyone tell me why my hair looks like garbage one day and fantabulous the next? I have debunked the following theories:

Product buildup
Correct product(s)
Humidity/dew point
Styling/drying technique

Today is Friday--it is rainy and windy. My 2nd-day hair today is bouncy, curly, full, and just amazing. Yesterday, a wash day, it was dry, sunny, with a relative humidity of about 59. Hair turned out amazing, full, bouncy, curly.

Going back to Tuesday, a wash day, a dry, sunny day, my hair was limp, dull, with poorly formed curls. By Wednesday, my 2nd day hair looked like a damp, dirty wrung out mop.

There is no pattern. Sometimes my hair looks amazing on wet days and crappy on dry and vice versa.

I use the exact same products every single time I wash, and I use all the exact same techniques. I have been noticing this for quite some time. WTH???? Yesterday, I even used a product that previously made my hair HORRIBLE last time I used it (so I thought). I almost sold it, it was so bad. I used it yesterday AND today and my hair is amazing. I'm so confused.

Hormones? I have noticed that sometimes I see smoke when I blowdry my hair, and it's on those days that my hair is amazing. What could it be? Some sort of naturally secreted oil that enhances the hair during ovulation to better attract a mate???
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