My hair is always dry, crunchy sounding and frizzy. The ends are worse, but it's this way all over. My hair is also very porous and soaks up just about anything I put on it. The other problem is that my hair is very thick and very tangly, so if I put a thick product on it, I can't comb my hair out after a shower. I need something that is ultra moisturing and has some slip to it. (Curlies are the only people who seem to know about slip! None of the salons around here know what I'm talking about!) I just want to find something that moisturizes the heck out of my hair, stops the frizz, and makes my hair soft. Anyone have any ideas?

P.S. I don't do anything to my hair, like blow dry or straighten, because I'm afraid that would make my hair even more dry. I do color the roots about once a month to cover up the grey. I don't have a ton of money either, so I need something that is reasonably priced so I can keep it up.