Seems like Alex has perhaps 3a/3b curls, solely based on those pics, but it's hard to really know. What Wurly is calling "frizz" might be indicative of another, tighter curl pattern mixed in to the others. It's just hard to know. (Also, careful not to get too caught up on controlling frizz. You could become a product junky).

But she gave you pretty good basic advice to start you on your way to healthier curls. You may or may not find that gels help your hair. Many have too much alcohol and end up drying the hair more. Just try COwashing only, first. It's cheaper if that alone hydrates your curls.

You can comb your hair, just do it while it's wet and w/conditioner on it. Another thing you can do is "finger comb" - using your fingers like you would a comb. Experiment.

Wurly's right about growing your hair out (assuming it's as short or shorter than the first pic). But be prepared: your hair may not look just like this guy's. Each head of hair is amazingly different, even keeping "type" in mind. The goal IMO, is to ultimately embrace your own unique set of curls, regardless of how much or how little they end up resembling someone else's

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