Yep. I lost my curls in the tradeoff.
I used to have a good 2A / 3A curl type depending on the humidity of the day. My hair is extremely resilient to bleaching and haircolor treatments so I have to abuse the heck out of it to get it to the level blonde that I have. Its white... and now my curl type is pretty much non-existent. The hair is still strong and full of body but it does take extra maintenance just to keep it from looking like Christopher Lloyd (haha).

The curls come back sometimes with just the right combination of products and treatments. For instance: every time I am near the ocean, the sea spray and salt water seems to really bring my curl out again.

I've tried to recreate this in my home hair care (or hair abuse heh) practice and I've been unsuccessful except with the following practices:

I use Queen Helene cholesterol conditioning treatment about twice a week. This keeps my hair as strong, shiny and healthy as it can be after several bleachings. This stuff is suspiciously cheap and it smells HORRIBLE but it really really works.

Mousse. Any sulfate-free mousse will add a little sproing back. I use a purple-ish platinum enhancing mousse to undo any brassiness coming out in my roots.

Shower before bed. Towel dry.
If I let my hair dry slowly while I'm inactive, the curls tend to come out of hiding. They're shy, though.

Also, I do not shampoo and condition every day. I allow my natural oils to recover into the hair before I suds it up thoroughly (about twice a week, rinsing on the off-days). I use TIGI's Catwalk for color treated curls and it smells absolutely amazing... sometimes I leave a little conditioner in after the Queen Helene rinses out just for the fragrance.

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