Fudge is just very sweet. It's candy, after all. You won't find less sweet recipes because the sugar is necessary.
You can always make dark chocolate fudge. The chocolate cuts some of the sweetness.
Chocolate marshmallows are some of my favorites to make for this reason.
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Well I am not a big fudge fan but I know other are. However my husband made some fudge last week and after trying some, I thought my mom and grandmother won't like how sweet it is. I found a great recipe posted on the Huffington post that stated it wasn't too sweet, but it is a British recipe and I didn't want to substitute the ingredients and have it come out terrible. I am also trying to avoid any nuts too as I am making two things with nuts also. I think I am being too picky.

This is it here. Cookie Crumb Caramel Microwave Fudge | Cook Republic
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