Right???? I wish someone would consider this issue important enough for a research grant. I'm sure there's a simple explanation, which might turn the haircare product world on its ear...people spend millions upon millions for "clarifying" shampoos to remove product "buildup." I have a tub of Lush Big shampoo, and it's probably the harshest shampoo I've ever used--yet, my hair still has inconsistent results when I use it, and it clearly removes any alleged "buildup." Or those of us (basically every single one of us) who avoid or buy products because of ingredients they have or don't have. After what I've observed with my own temperamental hair, I don't think there's any validity to that either.

December 2011, I had the most amazing hair every day for the entire month. Suddenly in January 2012, it was like aliens came in the middle of the night and switched out my scalp with another. My hair was awful, no matter what I used or what the weather. I tried all kinds of new products trying to fix the problem or "remove buildup." Nothing worked, and I wasted so much money on useless products and my hair still looked like wet, stringy noodles--I experimented again with one of those products when I washed on Thursday--you know, the day my hair looked its most fabulous....

So, over the past year, I have observed my hair very closely in relation to products, humidity, styling method, and ovulation, and all indicators point to the fact that how it looks and feels has NOTHING whatsoever to do with which products I use. This is good news because it means that I can continue to use my $.78/bottle V05 Extra Body Conditioner as both cowash and rinse out conditioner forever. Humidity only plays a small role as well. I will still use the occasional finger dip of Lush Big because I love the fragrance and, as a cowasher, I love to scrub my scalp with the salt crystals. The salt didn't hurt my BKT, either, for anyone who is interested.
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