@ Those who asked pineapple questions.

I do a very, very loose pony tail on the very top. I use a satin scrunchy to do this (and my hair is barely long enough). When the ponytail is piled safely on top of my hair, I don't usually get bumps (and since I have tight curls, the bumps are veeerrry noticeable).
Smoothing the bumps over with a mixture of conditioner and water seems to help. As does a light oil (for me).

Errm.. I don't get second hair that looks good. Decent, maybe, but never good. I lose major root curl over night, but retain the volume because of the thickness/density of my curls, which basically means a flat, puffy-looking mess, if you get what I mean. And once I lose the root curl, I can't get it back (it takes a miracle to get it there in the first place). Which is why I go for a curly ponytail, half-up half down the second day.

I sleep in a pineapple, or a loose high bun underneath a satin sleep cap on a satin pillowcase.
Hair Type: 3c/4a, Coarse, Med-High Density, Med-Low Porosity
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