So I am about a 2a- 2b. I've been without sulfates or cones for about a year now. I rarely ever blow dry my hair or straighten it, so I know it's not damaged. However, my curls have continued to be messy looking and not very defined. They also tangle a lot. Right now I'm using a product that is called Derm Organics, both the shampoo and conditioner. I've tried the Kinky Curly shampoo and found it too drying. I tried the Shea Moisture shampoo for curls and found that to be too drying at times yet not removing buildup at other times. I've also used several other products with barely any results on my hair. I am currently using the Devacurl gel, which doesn't give me very much definition or tame on frizz. I find this is the case for most of the products I use. I am writing this, I guess, pretty frustrated. I realize that finding the right products can be long and tiring. However, it seems no matter what I try I get the same results. My hair is pretty oily, but gets frizzy and dry pretty easily. I've tried co washing with disgusting results. Right now I am washing every other day, but most of the time the second day is still very greasy and I have to use a dry-shampoo. My parents (I am in high school) made a comment tonight, as they have several times, that my hair would look much nicer if I brushed it. I replied, like the other times, that repeated brushing of my hair gets rid of my curls and adds so much frizz. I am not saying that this is entirely based on my parent's opinion of me, haha, but it just intensified my frustration with my hair. I really wish my hair was curlier, but I know that wishing gets me nowhere... Anyone been in this VERY frustrating spot? I just want to shave my head or get a perm or something. Anyone have anything to try or suggestions? Thanks for reading this post all complaining... sorry!