My husband looooves curly hair. His first wife too had wavy/curly hair, so curly haired ladies are pretty much his type He told me he had a crush on Carrie Bradshaw and used to watch Sex and the City just for her but then she started wearing her hair more like wavy/straight in the series and he wasn't interested anymore (I watched random episodes so I'm not sure exactly how the transition happened).
One time a homeless guy walking by, told me he loved my hair and that I was wearing it really well, I told him his comment just made my day and he said "I'm glad I did, I didn't make anybody's day in a long time"! so basically, within a few seconds, he made my day and broke my heart
A Mediterranean 3b lady
In love with my curls, love love love
CG since Nov/07

Co-Wash: VO5, Tresemme naturals, Fructis naturals
Cond: Nature's Gate conditioners
Stylers: Lotions made at home with coconut oil, honey, AVG, vegetable glycerin, OO, and EO.
Gel: LA Looks sports gel for high humidity days.

Hair goal: Waist length healthy curls