Hey girls

So as u could have probally guessed from the tittle i just decided to quit on the heat and go natural, first because i like healthy, shiny hair, then because i wanted to gain lenght and then i was like, i wanna be me why am doing this? So after my hairstylist literally fried my hair with blonde shades and my curl pattern turned into a hot wild mess and my curls basically kissed me goodbye i decided i was so not going to go thru that again and i wanna to see my curls bounce back.

BUT as any new girl ive been battletin with products and what are the proper thing to do to get my curls back. Im dominican so here in DR humidity is like wild basically all year long so frizz its always on the loop and i dont know if i like mooses or gels because of the hard feeling they give, eventhough ive been reading so much good stuff on the ecostyler ive been thinking on giving it a try, but i would very much apreciate itif u would help me in that departmet and share some tips on how to get my hair healthy . Oh im still trying to decide if a 3a/3b or a 3b/3c

Thanks on advanced,