I think he's GORGEOUS as Thorin Oakenshield! Mmmmm.
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That he is....made me start rethinking if I like my men grimy.

He makes one hell of a dwarf king.

There one was scene that made me think "Damn, Tolkien; you sure know how to write some great heroes/kings."

Did someone say JGL?

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Nah. He looks a bit grouchy and old and big nosed for me.

I've never read The Hobbit. I've never read LOTR. I tried once and was so bored I gave up. Pure torture. Besides its all very Christian, white male orientated. I like my fantasy to a) have women, and b) have a bit of diversity. I felt pretty much the same about the films. It's like they were never ending, they had some good moments, but I just didn't like any of the characters, except perhaps Sam, but I can take or leave him. I was hoping Frodo would die but alas...
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And the whole time watching I was tortured by Sam hoping he'd fall off a cliff or on Sting.
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