I vaguely remember being bored by The Hobbit in sixth grade when I read it. I felt that Bilbo was using the term "adventure" far too often and rather loosely, because all they seemed to do was walk around, have some minor mishap and then...um. What was their goal, even? Like, Bilbo wasn't supposed to go into those mountains and trick Gollum and junk and I know he didn't start out all "Yes, Gandalf, I will do anything you ask!" but why did they go off on this voyage in the first place? It's been so long and I've cared so little, I really don't know. [ETA: Was there a dragon with a weak spot in his belly? That can't possibly have come from the same book, it sounds like it should have thrilled me! But I remember it in association with this book. ???] I didn't really get into LOTR either, but I read up to about halfway through the second book while trying very, VERY hard to make myself like it because a few of my friends were so in love with it, not to mention trying equally hard to make my friends believe I wasn't bored with one of their favoritest things ever.

The movies were pretty. I don't have overall impressions on them other than that they were there, I watched them and I enjoyed being with the people I watched them with. Oh, and that Sam totally did ALL the work, so WTF is with all the other characters praising Frodo and running into battle "for Frodo" and crap?! Not only did Frodo try to abscond with the ring and act all squirrelly about it on more than one occasion, but he hardly carried the thing to Mount Doom. He was just an unnecessarily heavy and person-shaped holder for the ring that Sam carried all that way.

Oh! And Smeagol likes his fishies raw. Tricksy hobbitses, they ruins it!!! I thought his utter joy in holding the ring (for that split second...) was oddly cute and actually felt bad for him afterward. He both bugged me and pleased me with his existence. Other than that, I have difficulty separating my thoughts on these stories from the fanfic my friends wrote for it and the random LOTR-themed silliness we engaged in. Because another friend gave me a random ring she found, I had to be Frodo, and I was NOT happy about it. But it's cool, because the ring disappeared in the middle of our camping trip, leaving a circular hole in the outer mesh pocket of my duffel bag. (Seriously, I doubt the ring made the hole, but it was totally round and it was there and the ring was not. It was amusing.) The one who always had a hairbrush to use in the locker room after gym class was Legolas, obvs.

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