Jas, funny you should mention, but I am going to re-try Tressemme naturals this AM. I looked in my closet to see what I might try different today, and found TS. I have not used it since I started using the Shea Moisture line. I think the Coconut Hibiscus works a bit better for me in winter, but I dont know why; does anyone have a hypothesis about this? regarding CHS, I have Curl Keeper; the gel (I mix them together); and of course, the roller jaw clips, which are wonderful. You may recall that I am a mousse gal! or I was. But my hair was just not holding with mousse. I went on line and looked at the videos of Curl Keeper - and decided to re-order some. the gel does have some glycerin in it - I too am sensitive to that - but it is far down on the list and does not seem to be causing a problem. I notice that tons of conditioners also have glycerin.