After hearing rave reviews of Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, and the Curl & Shine Shampoo, I was eager to try these. The shampoo was OK, but the masque was truly terrible on my hair. I could tell something was up when I had a hard time detangling when applying this deep conditioner(after shampooing with the Curl & Shine Shampoo) to my hair(I've NEVER had detangling problem happen before with conditioners), and it just didn't feel all that moisturizing going on. It had NO slip whatsoever! I left it on for a full half-hour(a long time for me) and rinsed out, hopeful that this state of affairs would improve after the rinsing. It didn't really, although I was really really looking for good signs, like softer, more moisturized hair. Nope. Save for a very fleeting hope that things were a LITTLE softer(BTW my hair is not all that damaged, despite the fact that I do color it), they weren't. In fact, my hair feels drier and crispier than BEFORE using this masque! But it seems that I'm like that with both skin and hair products - what other people, even with similar situations, love, I end up hating and being the odd one out. Anyone else have bad luck with the Shea Moisture products? I was so bummed that I returned them 2 days ago.