I actually went to see Tiffany....which she is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! And did a hair analysis on me....I had the same result, however talking with Tiffany we came to the conclusion that my hair leans more towards the finer/ low porosity type...we reviewed my products, which I had all the same CJ products...We came to find my hair dose better with light products and the "more heavy" products like repair me, rehab, and CCCCL were coating my hair too much, causing it to frizz and lay limp. Those products are VERY moisturizing for us fine hair ladies, so be careful with them....of course this was the case with my hair.....you can see in my sig what I know use....and even still I use the Giovanni 50:50 about every 3-4 wash...just to remove any build up that may have formed...I love my hair now....knowing how to listen to it helps
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Thank you! I bought CCCCL a while back and hated it. It did everything you said; coated my hair, hair was limp etc. thank you! I think I'll email her my list of products and see what she says.