Good catch! I just skimmed after I got to the first sulfate detergent.

Sadly, a lot of personal care product manufacturers either think consumers don't care about any sulfates other than sodium laurel/laureth sulfate, or they don't know enough to realise that the "substitutes" they're using are also sulfates.

Not to mention that if they load a low-poo up with several non-sulfate detergents, they're causing as much damage (or more), and not doing the consumer any favours. The first "low-poo" I used was entirely sulfate free, but chocked full of non-sulfate detergents, and stripped all the good stuff out of my hair. Fortunately, I figured out quickly that it didn't conform to the spirit of low-pooing, and re-consigned it to scrubbing my toilet, for which it was much better suited.

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