I've tried a couple of homemade PTs (usually egg, sometimes avocado, with oil and honey added) and my hair has always loved them. So I decided to give the Sally's Ion Reconstructor a try.

My curls are GONE My hair is fine, no breaking or dryness that I've noticed, but in a single (short!) treatment I've gone from 3a to 2a. This is the second time I've tried Ion Reconstructor and both times I've gotten the kind of hair that used to take a straightener and 30 minutes of work to create. A year ago I would have been happy, but now I love my curls and the Ion just found a new home in the trash can.

I'm not too worried . . . this was just an experiment to make sure it WAS the Reconstructor and not weather/other products/whatever. My curls should bounce back in a couple of days. I am kind of intrigued, though. Has anyone else had this experience with Ion? What products or techniques completely zap your curls ?