Just bought 2 packs of henna, and amla powder cant wait to try!

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hehehehehe! Have fun! I would love to see your results, your hair is beautiful!

Oh and bump is just a way to keep the thread alive. Ever time someone responds the thread moves higher and more people can respond. If you don't have anything to add but want to hear the opinions of others you bump so the thread doesn't get lost somewhere where no one will see it.
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oooooh i see. Thanks for the explanation and compliment. I will be sure to update my results. I cant believe with all the benefits i am just now trying this!

I did extensive research last nite and read ALOT of reviews. I decided i couldn't wait for this to come in the mail so i found the nearest indian store (27 miles) and brought these. I plan to use it on my mom hair too so the more the merrier. She has sufferd from hair growth issues since she started taking her diabetes meds. We have tried everything and no luck. More than anything i want this to work for her sake. I can only imagine how bad she feels putting on a wig and not being able to wear her natural hair.

Will update

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From the bottom of my heart I sincerely wish you the best of luck and hope to see your results. Deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner afterwards!


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