Co-washing is just washing with It sounds like you are doing it right. The key to my co-wash is massaging the scalp so I make sure to get any light products out of my hair. From time to time I wash wish sulfate free shampoo to get all the heavy products out but thats only in the case that I can tell I have too much build up. Your on the right track.
3b to 4a?

My Routine
Pre-Poo:Conditioner & Avocado Oil or Jamaican Black Caster Oil or Coconut Oil
Co-wash - One Hair for Dry Hair
Moisturize - Coco curls or beija flore creme brulee
Leave In - Shea Moisture Enhancing Smoothie
Gel - Kinky Curly Custard, Deva Spray Gel
Seal ends - Castor Oil

Weekly Routine:
Deep Conditioner - Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner or Caster Oil & Coconut Oil

Last Relaxer May 2006