Im a 23 year old male with 3A hair. My hair has been feeling a little thinner and it has me a little paranoid. My hair is really dry and I need to at least put leave in conditioner in or else it is extremely frizzy. I only shampoo about 1-2 times a week (on the weekends to get product out of my hair) and I use conditioner daily. I have been using v05/suave naturals to co-wash and tressemme naturals conditioner as a leave in. I am wondering if maybe all of the alcohol in these conditioners is bad for my hair and causing it to be really dry/appear thinner? My brother is 25 and has the thickest, most dense hair ever and my dad is 60 still with all of his hair. However, my moms dad past away when he was very young and I got her genes and clearly have no idea if he was bound to bald or not. So I guess my question is what should I do to keep my hair the most healthy? And also limit the dryness because if I do as little as pick a piece of my hair it turns into frizz. I also have been getting professional trims regularly so I know thats not the issue.