Hey, welcome to the forum! You're hair still looked really pretty, even if it wasn't exactly like you wanted it to be. Part of doing the CG method and avoiding heat damage is just developing healthy hair. It doesn't happen overnight, and some of the benefits of going CG might not show up until months after you've started.

Did you use a leave in conditioner? You can use your regular conditioner as a leave in conditioner. I like to think of it like leave in really forms the curls, then gel just holds them in place.

I can't know what your hair likes. Sometimes hair can be weighed down at the root because your scalp is producing too much oil from previous shampooing. That should go away. Also, a lot of people suggest not applying conditioner to the root. Like, shampoo at the scalp and scrub very well. Then only apply conditioner around where the ears are. I apply conditioner and leave in throughout my whole head of hair because it all tends to be very dry and frizzy. However, a lot of people can't apply that much. So, I would experiment with applying less conditioner and only applying it to the bottom of you hair. See what your frizz levels are like with that.

Deep conditioning really depends on your hair's moisture level. Like, if it feels dry try deep conditioning. If it seems ok, then deep condition it maybe weekly or biweekly. I usually don't deep condition unless my hair sees dry or hard to style.

I use LA Looks Sports Gel, and I really like it. I don't think diffusing reduces a gel's hold for me, but I usually air dry so maybe I don't notice it. I have noticed that diffusing can make my hair temporarily curlier than it really is, then it will fall out slightly through the day. I would recommend not diffusing all the way dry. Just get it most of the way, like to the point where it's only slightly damp. I feel like leaving a little moisture in the hair can help with the frizz.

Also, experiment with how long you keep your plop in. Some people do really well with plopping for a long time, but other people only benefit from a few minutes of plopping. If I plop to long it can make my hair flat and lifeless.
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