I am getting soooooo freaking excited for Christmas. I honestly want to slap myself it's so obnoxious. But UGH, I can't help it.

We pretended to be Santa for our neighbors today and it was so thrilling! They did Christmas with their son and daughter in law today and before they left to go have lunch my neighbor put out cookies and milk for Santa, which she said they were going to think she had lost her marbles. Well, while they were out we went over and ate one of the cookies, took a bite from the other (because Hello? Santa can't eat EVERY cookie at EVERY house) and drank the milk. Then we turned all the Christmas lights on inside, got their electric fireplace turned on and just as I was about to turn the Christmas music on it happened. THEY PULLED UP AND WE WERE STILL INSIDE. Mr. Spring and I looked at each and I froze while he (who apparently is much better in a panic situation than me) ran to the front door and grabbed our shoes, umbrella and keys and hauled ass back to me and we tried to quietly sneak out the side door. We waited there, hiding behind the fence, until we didn't hear them talking outside any longer and thankfully the coast was clear and we snuck back home. WHEW! Santa almost got caught!! It was soooo much fun. And just so nobody thinks we're some weird stalker neighbors breaking into houses, our neighbor asked us to do all this and we have a key to their house.
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That was really cute. You guys are cool.

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