So, um, totally hypothetical situation. If someone tells you that all of his long-term relationships ended badly and that he doesn't talk to any of his exes, would that be a deal breaker for you?
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My current semi-serious person doesn't speak to any of his exes but says it's mostly by choice. He says he's done w/ them and they are not contributing to his life in any meaningful way, so what is there to talk about?

It's def a red flag for me bc that outlook seems rigid and cold to me. But it's not a dealbreaker bc there are about a milion other worse traits I can think of.

I'd be more concerned about WHY his relationships ended rather than how he behaves after they do.
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Wow so you talk to your exes and guys are ok with that?? (Besides your kids father of course) no way it would fly with me!
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Yes, I'm actually good friends w/ a few of my exes and talk to them. Some guys are more Ok w/ it than others. But I'm not going to end a friendship bc someone is insecure for no reason. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I'm into someone, I'm all in.