Ugh! Hope it feels better soon.

For a while, I kept scrolling past this thread thinking "man, I really wish she'd fix that typo..."
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That is funny! Everything is funny today

I am at work. I thought, "hey, a cup of chai would be awesome - how do I carry a cup of boiling water from the kitchen to my cubicle with crutches?" So I said to the lady in the cube next to me: "Hey K, I'll give you a dollar to bring me a cup of boiling water to make tea!"

Her response: hysterical laughter followed by "Aw, I'm sorry, I will make you a cup of tea!!" more giggles.

And the owner of the company overhears and says, "J - we will have to require you to punch out if you plan on carrying boiling water on crutches." and then he giggles.