Nooo, My hair is WAY too thick and heavy to add extentions, the last thing I want to do is add MORE hair. I wouldn't be able to keep my head up while cowashing! I'm going to rock braided updo styles to keep things protected. It's 30 degrees right now and I live in California!
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I live in cali and it getting cold but not 30 degrees thats close to if not snow weather. What part of cali do u stay? And about buns and updos i get soo cold with those styles there is no hair covering my ears and face. This is the perfect weather for braids extension but dont know if i wanna risk my delicate edges.

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I live in the SF Bay Area on the coast. It gets very cold and windy because of the pacific. :P Do whatever you feel comfortable with and if you don't like it, take it out! Just as long as you protect your hair doll (:
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i see thats why. I will have to improvise for sure but no braids extensions for me. As a matter of fact im getting ready to do my first henna treatment rite now! Excited about that

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