4c is considered the cnapp as termed by cnappyme for the cloud or cotton texture with no defined curl pattern. cnappyme has developed her own site devoted to the cnapp. I first met her on nappturality. I'm a mix of 4a/b/c with VERY LITTLE 3c.

The board first started out on wordpress at http://nappyme.wordpress.com but moved to http://s3.excoboard.com/exco/index.php.
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Hi Kinky Rhonnie...thanks for the shout out. Hmmm... I'm not sure I've ever posted on this board before, but I'm going to do so now to clear up misinformation about what we're calling cNapp hair and how that all got started.

Several years ago now, someone on Nappturality started a thread asking people to post pics of their naturally coily/curly, freshly washed product-free hair. Here's an example I Don't Know How Successful This Will Be...

That thread went so well that AuNappturale started a thread asking people to post pics of their non coily, non clumping, non curly hair. That thread exploded and people with hair like AuNapp such as myself posted up a storm.

My hair freshly washed with no product and no manipulation.

People like us have no curl or wave, or coil definition whatsoever. It's just one massive puffy, poof of hair that looks like a soft Cloud or Cotton.

Rather than have to explain this all the time, we decided we wanted a nickname. Taneska came up with the term cNapp (as in cottony or cloud-like naps). It stuck and that's how the term cNapp was born. So it always boggles my mind when people ask "Does cNapp hair exist?" That's a ridiculous to me because all we did was take people with hair that have a certain characteristic and give it a nickname. So of course it EXISTS!

Most of us identify our hair as 4B. The term cNapp is just a short cut nickname that lumps all the characteristics together. If you say you're a cNapp we automatically know that means you have no curl/wave/coil definition.

It doesn't mean your individual strands don't coil or curl...it just means they don't get together to show themselves off. Our hair is more about randomness of how it coils, loops and bends. My individual strands do all of this and sometimes you can find all characteristics on ONE strand!

From our perspective, the only defining characterics of cNapp hair is the that it is patternless and has no overall definition. It has nothing to do with coil or curl size. It can have any size coils...if you have any at all. It can be thin, medium or coarse (strand size). You can have dense or thin hair (number of hairs on your head). You can have a lot of shrinkage or no shrinkage. If you have any or all of this...then you are a cNapp.

Some people have a combination of this and 4A hair as well and still identify with cNapp hair because it's the predominant texture. OR they have hair that may define itself a little but not enough for them to manage it as 4A hair with curl definition.

The connection to my blog Nappturology 101 (nappyme.wordpress.com)
Nappturology 101 is my blog. Once people started identifying themselves as cNapp, I decided to host a page on my blog where people could list their albums and we could have ONE place where people could go and get links to those albums. That's this link: cNapp Albums Nappturology 101 and to this day it gets over 300 hits per day. It's a very popular resource for people with cNapp hair. Think I need to update some of those links though...

Unfortunately, calling ourselves cNapps on NP created a ridiculous controversy and for brief moment the owner of NP banned cNapp conversations saying it was too devisive. But once she understood that it was JUST a nickname to short cut having to spell out all the characteristics of our hair she allowed cNapp conversations on her board.

But that controversy for a loooong time was just below the surface and that was enough for me to start my own board so that folks with hair like us could have our own little corner of the internet where we could discuss our hair without pissing other people off.

Turns out us starting our own board (cNappymeNow.com) pissed people off ANYWAY...so oh well.

As far as what this 4C hair is... I haven't a clue. It is NOT cNapp hair because like I said MOST of us identify with 4B.

Now folks can debate cNapp hair all they want, but at the end of the day, it's what WE say it is and that's all that matters. Either you identify with it or you don't. If you have it, you usually know it.

Anyhoo... I've written a book but I've just seen one too many mentions of cNapp hair where the facts aren't correct.

Hope this sets the record straight.

Take care,
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This has really been really informative thanks, im realizing that i may be a mixture of all the 4 hair types except i dont have a z pattern