I've been using the Shea moisture Shea butter shampoo for awhile and I liked it a lot better than straight co washing. Recently, I needed to clarify my hair and picked up VO5's passion fruit smoothie shampoo. It didn't make my hair feel rough at all like other SLS shampoos so I just used my RO and skipped the DT. Totally surprised by the results! My hair wasn't dry at all. So I've been using the shampoo for my past three washings (I wash 2-3 times per week) and my hair really seems to like it, even with the cold weather. My scalp feels less itchy and cleaner. I have a naturally oily scalp and skin in general (yuck, I know lol) and I think I may need sulfates. No desire to return to silicones, just sulfates. Any personal experiences, etc? Also, I've recently cut out my AIF and stuck to just okra gel and my hair is less frizzy. Maybe it doesn't like polyquats? Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated!
My hair properties, etc. are at the bottom for those using tapatalk.
2b, fine texture, high porosity, medium density.//loves protein
2b//high porosity//fine texture//medium density//low elasticity//loves protein
Lo-poo: SMMR, SMC&S
Clarifying: VO5 shampoos
Co-wash: VO5 conditioners
RO: VO5 conditioners
Styling: AIF, FSG, gelatin gel, ecostyler krystal
PT: IAGirl's gelatin treatment