Aw we gave gift baskets last year and one had all the fixings for a nice breakfast, including maple syrup. I thought that was a good gift. :shrug;

As for bad gifts, a puppy (or any animal) the giftee didn't want or wasn't expecting or planning.
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I've done the breakfast gift basket, too. They loved it.

I've received the dog for a gift. I was seriously not pleased. I made the person who gave it to me take it back from whence it came from. At the time I was living 45 miles away from my work and was working roughly 10 hours a day. So that would have been 12 hours the dog would have been locked in a house. That's not fair to them.

salad dressing
pancake syrup
a vacuum cleaner
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I would have been ecstatic to receive a vacuum cleaner! Now, a used vacuum cleaner? Not so pleased. True story, people.

Book on how to lose weight for dummies...especially when you're NOT even trying to lose weight.
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What about a year subscription to Weight Watchers? True story also.

Used sheets (yep, true story)
Lotion when the person who gave it to you knows you don't use lotion.
A power strip
A book on regaining your faith
Food storage
A car wash gift certificate...for a drive-thru car wash...the cheap kind
A ped-egg family is really bad at gift giving!