I think I've blown a few neuron's trying to search for answers on this forum. It is a GREAT source of information, but it's very overwhelming. So I'm going to lay what I've got going on out there and hope one of you awesome ladies can rescue me.

I've got wavy hair on my crown that changes to ringlets underneath. It is fine hair evenly mixed with hair that is as thick as wire. My hair is very dense as well, meaning there are two to three follicles per pore. It gets very oily. To the point where it looks wet close to the scalp by evening. Oh, and it's just past the shoulders.

Here's where I'm having trouble. I've recently had to stop using commercially made shampoos and conditioners due to scent allergies. I had been using Panteene for 17 years and my hair was as gorgeous as the commercials. I tried baking soda washes which made my hair brittle feeling and very tangled. There was a shampoo bar made with tea tree oil and jojoba that made my hair feel gummy and impossible to brush or comb. I tried an olive oil mask which wouldn't wash out, and the next day my hair was crunchy and looked like it had a lot of gel in it. As far as I could tell the olive oil didn't penetrate at all, it just stayed on the surface. It does seem to like apple cider vinegar rinses. It makes my hair SO slippery.

I've been at this for three months now, trying something different every week. I've never had this much trouble with my hair and really need a clue which direction I should be trying.