@Korkscrew: I get your point but I think we still have to look at how we get these "preference'; did your Barbie doll have curly hair? how about did she have anything other than an anorexic body? do you see any TV anchors with curly hair? Preferences are shaped by cultural conditioning. And often, cultural conditioning is shaped by white, patriarchial culture. Not to make a sociology lesson of all this, but I am sure you get my point.
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Like it or not, men are capable of thinking for themselves. Liking something other than curly hair and a curvy body doesn't make you conditioned. There are a multitude of reasons why people may have a preference.

People are free to like what they like without being subjected to psychoanalysis, usually aimed at how bad 'European' culture is. Yawn.

Edit: that's not to say that cultural conditioning doesn't have it's place, but lets not try and blame society for everything. Let people own what they like. I love curly hair and it's got nothing to do with society. Likewise, if my man likes straight hair, I'm not going to start going on in his ear about cultural conditioning, as if he's to stupid to have his own preference. Nobody questions me and expects me to justify my hair preferences, so why should we expect other to justify theirs?

Also, the Cindy doll has curly hair.

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