At least she knows how to cut and that's the important thing. I've never found a hairdresser who can style my hair curly - I either come out with it wet or straight.
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I've always been confused when people say this.... Do people go to the salon to get their hair cut and plan to walk out and go shopping or something? Maybe it's just me but I always thought, even from a young age, "get your hair cut after errands, go home."

I've never had my hair "styled" after a cut. It seems so weird.
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For me , my parents made me wash my hair immediately after getting home from a haircut. it's become a habit now so I don't bother getting it styled.

The very last time I cut my hair, they attempted to style it using a very fine round brush and a blow dryer. They didn't even bother to use heat protectant. :-O My hair became so tangled and weirdly sticky that I'm scared to let them style my hair again after a haircut.

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