Loving, absolutely loving the Daily Cleansing Conditioner Cream. I've never been the type to co-wash, but this actually cleans my hair and it does lather a bit when you when rinse, so I don't feel like have to use a ton for it to distribute. More than a traditional shampoo, but less than a conditioner.

Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner - Liking it a lot. Warning though, I'm a lot easier to please with my RO conditioners in general. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and moisturized, but not weighed down at all. It doesn't have a lot of initial slip (I'm not much a slip person, but I know people like to know), but it does feel slippy after it's sat in your hair for a few minutes. The instyructions indicate to use it this way. I do this normally, condition my hair first and then go about my showering and shaving. If you want conditioner in your hair that will have slip that you rinse out immediately, than this may not be the conditioner for you...I do have lower porosity so maybe it's just my hair taking the time to absorb products.

Now for the downer. I hated, actually hated, the Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream. I skipped the Daily Leave-In Conditioner because I'm allergic to lavender and I thought the heavier leave-in would be better for my hair. This product doesn't glide through the hair. It makes me feel like I'm undoing the detangling work of my RO. It doesn't feel like it's adding any moisture and it doesn't aid in clumping. I thought maybe it's the shea, maybe it's just too stiff and waxy of a butter, *but* my lovely SM Curl & Style Hair milk has shea in it. Maybe it's the quantities. I don't know. All I know is it is awful for my hair and I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

I do like the company and I think I will order the Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream today to replace this. The other products either have some sort of wax or aloe and I think that if I'm going to be serious about co-washing I have to skip wax. It does gummy things to my hair. That's actually generally what I mean by weighed down, my hair is too thick to literally weigh down, but it can feel nasty and my curl pattern can not look nice.

I want to try the Curling Creme Gel, but I don't need a gel right now while my hair is in it's awkward phase and I'm wearing it up. It also has honey so it might be a disaster anyway. I'll just have to sit on my thumbs and just get what I need .