I want to wear my hair both straight and curly. It doesn't look good straight right now. it is SO UN-EVEN!! And the ends look very split. I am due for a trim but I never realized how bad it looked til I straightened it
Whenver I've gone to a straight cut stylist, I always seem to get the shelf look and it looks terrible curly. How do I not get that shelf look?
My hair is fine and thin and is layered. Right now, un even layers. And the curl pattern is nice but too un even to go straight.
I thought about going to the deva cutter and tell her I also want to go straight but she does NOT cut for straight hair and is kind of weird about that. So, I'm not even sure she knows how.

Just called my deva stylist and decided to be totally honest with her. I told her my hair is so uneven when I straighten it but looks good when curly but I want both to look decent. And is there a way with the deva cut?? She said, "yes - we will have to make a couple of adjustments but I can make it so it is symmetrical for straight hair and still go with the way the curls are." She said to come in with my hair straight. So..... I"m going to give her a try.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b

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