after reading through this thread I must say I am informed, but now confused as to what to identify this mass on my head as. When I first started taking care of my hair it looked kind of like this:

no definition, kind of fluffy/cloud- like. As time went on it turned into this:

I figured I was a 4b with a weird patch of 3c at my nape but after reading about pen spring sized curls I'm going to say 4a/b? Also, to add my 2 cents I think 4b and 4a are usually categorized incorrectly. The definitions I have seen over the few years for 4b are interchangeable with what I've seen 4c described as. The 4c I'm hearing about has been described as NO distinct curl pattern, regardless of how hard you try to manipulate it. It is often described as a more challenging version of 4b. I've heard people also describe 4b as being hard to manipulate into having or maintaining a curl pattern because it reverts back to its original state. However I've read in some forums
that 4b appears to have no curl pattern, but up close there are very tiny curls as opposed to 4c just being a fluff.
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-Mostly 4b with some 4a, coarse, low porosity, dense