I'm a 3B/3C, color over grey. My hair is "allergic" to protein. Ha! Ha! I'm trying to go totally CG, but I'm having problems finding a recommended product that actually works for me. I have very dry, very porous hair, with about 6 inches of spring to it. My hair is somewhat coarse, but when I used to flat iron it, I could get it to be pretty silky sometimes. I haven't flat ironed or blow dried my hair in a long time. I let it air dry and have been putting it up in a pony tail, then wrapping it around and tucking the ends in. I'm really sick of that look though. I've tried Wen, I've tried Ren, I've tried numerous Matrix products, Rusk products, Suave naturals, Tresemme, John Frieda, Avalon Organics... I could go on and on. This stuff doesn't do a thing for my hair. Just today, I tried L'Oreal EverPure Moisturizing Cleansing Conditioner and WOW! I feel like a human being again! This product is probably not what they recommend for going CG, but until I find something more natural that actually gives my parched hair a nice long drink of moisture, I think I'm going to stick with it. Anyone have any suggestions for hair like mine? Everyone always thinks my hair is damaged, but I think what they are actually seeing is hair that is totally parched, because as soon as I get a trim and they cut off all the "damaged" hair, the moment it dries, it looks just the same as it did before the cut. So, I'm looking for suggestions on natural (no protein), very highly moisturing products. I need a ton of slip, because the finger combing in the shower wasn't going well at all until the L'Oreal product. I was pulling out like a bag of hair out of my head each time, but today, only about a fourth of that amount came out with finger combing. My hair tangles very easily.

I know this is a long post, but I am really frustrated with buying products that are rated highly, then having them suck all the moisture out of my hair, making rats' nests in my hair, and then having to pull gobs of hair out because I can't get the snarls out. I take them all back and get my money back, or I'd be broke. I'm sure everyone else on here has suffered the same frustration, too!

Ideas for hair that's drier than the Sahara? Natural products (no sulfates, no protein, no wax, no silicones, no alcohol, etc.) preferred.

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