Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! Don't cut it, please! My hair seems thinner at the bottom, too. I think what happens to mine is that it curls up tighter underneath, so by the time you look at the bottom of my hair, it looks thinner. When I used to straighten it with a flat iron, it didn't seem thinner. Do you think that might be happening with your hair? You're hair is so thick and lovely! What do you use on your hair? I like the way it doesn't look parched (like mine does most of the time).

Is your depression really about your hair, honey? The reason I'm asking is because I suffer from depression and have all my life. Sometimes I blame parts of myself that I don't like (like my hair sometimes), but that's not really what is at the root of my depression. I still don't know what is at the root of my depression, probably a chemical imbalance, since it's been with me since my first memories of life. One thing I know for sure though, I was depressed long before I was aware of my hair. I take antidepressants. Some people freak out over antidepressants, but to someone who is depressed, they are a godsend. I guess antidepressants are kind of like curly hair -- some people object, but then again, who cares? Right? Be true to yourself and if you think they might help, don't be embarassed to see your doctor and have antidepressants prescribed for you. They don't make you happy, but they really do take away those really low, lows. Sorry. I know you didn't ask for advice about your depression. It's just that I care.