@Korkscrew: I get your point but I think we still have to look at how we get these "preference'; did your Barbie doll have curly hair? how about did she have anything other than an anorexic body? do you see any TV anchors with curly hair? Preferences are shaped by cultural conditioning. And often, cultural conditioning is shaped by white, patriarchial culture. Not to make a sociology lesson of all this, but I am sure you get my point.
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Myrna, I think you raise good reminders about cultural conditioning that are totally valid and shouldn't be easily overlooked. At the same time, I think there's a sort of false dichotomy that gets set up in this particular situation: either someone likes curls and is therefore "politically correct" or someone isn't fond of curls and is therefore "politically incorrect". In my own life, I just can't justify harboring such a paranoid assumption in every case where someone expresses a preference that happens to also fit mainstream American or Caucasian thinking. As CurlyCarmen pointed out, it's not always about Evil White Man. Not every road leads back to Barbie and her ludicrous bodily dimensions and platinum hair.

Aesthetic preferences are not exclusively the result of dominant social norms and to treat each case thus is fallacious (post hoc ergo propter hoc - social pressure may not be the cause of a boyfriend or husband's preference for hair type). CurlyCarmen makes a good point: this kind of assumption can lead to unnecessary social derision. Happy Holidays to you and everyone else, btw

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