I'm type 4 so flat roots are something I'll probably never experience but I do have lp strands. This past summer, I had my first experience with over conditioned hair (something I thought could NEVER happen with my hair since it can be do dry sometimes and I have to overnight prepoo after giving it a head start with a heat cap for moisture to really get inside my strands). My hair reacts violently to the wrong application of protein to my hair (dry, dry, dry and uber brittle and hard) so it took some thinking for me to figure out how to get my moisture/protein balance back. What I did (and still do every other shampoo) is wash my hair with a shampoo with protein in it (if you cowash, I'm sure this would work with conditioner too) and then follow with a moisturizing DC. The shampoo deposited just enough protein on my strands to bounce my hair back and the DC batted back dry, brittle and hard strands. Win! Win! ; )
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Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense