You and your hair are both so pretty! Gorgeous curls!
I think food has a lot to do with hair growth. If your diet has a considerate amount of calcium (milk, yogurt, cheese) you should have a little faster growth (and stronger hair) than those who don't get too much calcium. I know many people take vitamin supplements to encourage growth. In the long hair website the ladies swear by castor oil too. I only use it on my lashes and I can tell you that it does stimulate growth. I haven't tried it on my scalp though (on a regular basis). I think I'm going to start doing it twice a week and I will let you know the results.
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Thank you!! You have any pics to share? And yes I was taking Biotin, It breaks my skin out though and I keep wanting to try Castor Oil. I think i will once I do a little shopping this month. But.. yes the calcium intake sounds like it can be a big part of the health of your hair..Unfortunately, I dont eat breakfase.. so I barely drink milk..and I dont eat yogurt. This is a great theory though I may change my diet though just because of this! Plus Id probably lose weight too..WIN WIN!
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