I was able to get party parrot and strong woman when I got up at 9 am but now it says strong woman is on back order.....
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I missed out again!! Im slipping. Was so busy Christmas Eve & didnt get a chance to order so I thought that maybe I could wait till they are in store. Spoke w/ MAC at my nearby Macys & told that Strength is an online collection only. Say it aint so...I wanted 3 of these lippies (pokes out lip & stomps away)!
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They told you wrong. It is not an online only collection. I bought several pieces at my local MAC store and at Nordstrom. The line is supposed to be available at all MAC locations, so if there is any left (and there was at my MAC store, whch opened early today, and I got there three hours later) I would try calling around. And I would try to get someone at my local Macy's to give a correct answer. It is possible the associate you spoke to was incorrect, but I cannot vouch for Macy's since I didn't buy any there, and it was precisely because of the customer service issue you just experienced.
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