A lot of wisdom on this thread: people are able to see beyond just his comment about your hair ... people see that you're even hesitant to call him a boyfriend. He's your "maybe" boyfriend, you say.

In my experience, if a boy/guy really likes you, he will understand he's on an interview of sorts. He'll be on his best behavior. Will show his enthusiasm, which includes praising all sorts of things about you, or at least pointing out things you have in common. He'll generally withhold facts that might upset you or otherwise make you think you aren't his type. An interested boy is on his best behavior so he can find a way to "have" you, unless he's socially deaf or is just a schmuck.

I think most interested guys actually don't discuss how little they care for some part of a woman's appearance until they're in a r-ship (past the "interview" stage). Either way, they are allowed their preferences. And, like Carmen said, you have a right to feel hurt too.

Sorry to say, it just really sounds like this boy may really not be that into you.

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