People make sulfates seem so bad but people have been using them for years. If your hair likes it then keep using them. And just because a shampoo has sulfates doesn't mean it's drying, there are way more ingredients in there that keep your hair from being dry. Good luck girl
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Good point. I guess I never thought of it like that though I should have lol. ShubhoR, I think you're right about my hair being fairly healthy. I try to take good care of it. Thanks for sharing your personal experience btw. I also use a cone free shampoo. I may have spoken too soon on the sulfates. I think I need more sulfate washes, but not every time I wash, maybe every other. I washed today and my roots are greasy and my ends are dry I'm going to try diluting it since that works so well for you. Back to experimentation!
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I usually use shampoo once a week and I do a DT right after. Rest of the days I co wash. Whenever I shampoo I either prepoo with EVCO or EVOO. Or I add oils and honey and stuff to the rinse out conditioner if I'm pressed for time. That way my hair doesn't go dry. If I don't have time at all,i don't shampoo . :P
happy to help!
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HAIR TYPE -2a-b, black, mostly medium
CLARIFY- I use sulphate shampoos silicone free(diluted), vinegar rinses
DC-pure coconut oil, olive oil, sometimes a SMT
LI-aloe vera gel + castor oil
I'm currently at BSL, aiming for waist length.I'm a very impatient person, wish me luck
I love my flat iron, but I love my waves even more. :-D