Sooo I just found out that my maybe boyfriend is into blonde wavy hair and that he doesn't really like my dark brown corkscrews (he actually told me).
Now I thought I was cool with that but ever since then thoughts of straightening and the usual jazz are back in my head...
I don't want to change my hair, I really don't but I don't know if a relationship can work with the thought of "I'd actually prefer anything but curly" in the room.
M I overreacting?

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Originally Posted by Scrit
If this guy thinks your hair is more important than your personality, you are underacting. He's shallow and you have better things to worry about—you seriously must.
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Exactly. If he judges you for your looks and hair, then girl, you need to run away from him fast. Your hair is beautiful. You don't change yourself for someone. You find a someone who loves you exactly the way you are. Changing yourself for a guy is not a solution bcz the person you become is not you.

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