Is this the end of my career as a MUA? Maybe...idk... My interest in makeup, promoting my business or even practicing on myself has waned. I just don't feel like it anymore. Sometimes I do, mostly I don't. My skills are pretty good overall but nothing like what I want them to be. I can't compete with MUAs who are true artists IMO. Maybe I shouldn't even try. Is this normal? Do most people experience this when pursuing a dream? I wanted to make a living out of doing makeup. I just don't know if that's feasible anymore.
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this is interesting to read. i'll say personally i like makeup but it has never been more than a hobby and occasional money making opportunity. for me pursuing my group fitness instructor passion is probably more similar to how you talk about makeup. for me since i've started teaching 7 years ago no i've never wanted to just give it up. over that time i've constantly taken training, honed my skills, learned new formats and changed my schedule around. i still feel excited about it even if one day i feel blah and would rather veg on the couch (those days are rare though).

maybe you can change up your focus, take a class, even in another city learning something vastly different than you've done before. maybe you should focus on a complimentary thing, like photography or fashion, etc. that might get your juices going again.

i'm not really sure because i can't really relate but i hope you get your passion for makeup back.
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