i see thats why. I will have to improvise for sure but no braids extensions for me. As a matter of fact im getting ready to do my first henna treatment rite now! Excited about that

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Originally Posted by dee-nature
Lucky you! I'm still unclear on what Henna is suppose to do for your hair...?

I use homemade DT. My hair loves the yucky combination of mayo, eggs, and olive oil. On friday (my DT/DC day) I'm going to try banana, greek yogurt, and honey.
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Your hair is a protein lover.cool! I was inspired to do henna when i seen one of my fotki friends hair progress. She has henna in her regimen since she BCed years ago and her hair is sooo thick and luscious. So i read into it and seen a plethora of positive reviews both on here and the web.

To update : i plan to incorporate henna in my weekly treatment because of how soft my hair turned out after just one treatment. I also have little shedding. This really is the miracle powder

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Originally Posted by dee-nature
Yes, my hair enjoys a light protein treatment every other week. Wow, hearing you and your friend's great results are inspiring me to try henna! I'm not sure where to buy tho...I'll figure it out.

I've discovered that my hair prefers EVOO over every other oil I've tried. I think I'm going to stop using Shea Butter(started making my hair feel really greasy! ick) to seal my ends and only use EVCO in my DCs and curl refreshing spray that I make.

And earlier today I exfoliated my scalp for the first time and GIRL let me tell you...I've been missing out. My scalp felt so CLEAN and REFRESHED! I don't have any brown sugar like they recommend, so I just used white and I mixed it up with some EVOO and Tea Tree Oil and VOILA! Awesome results.

I'm going to incorporate this into my regimen weekly. I feel that Exfoliation + EVOO + Light protein treatments + Vitamin Supplements (Multi & Biotin) + No heat + No dye will equal healthy beautiful hair for 2013 (:
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