I suffered damage from a nasty peroxide mishap recently, so that some of my hair became highly porous, in the way you describe.

Here's what worked for me: After using a clarifying shampoo (like Suave clar ... ), I followed up with an ACV rinse to close the cuticles.

Next: I did a protein treatment (I use "JOICO K-pak"). Keratin protein can help give your hair back the elasticity it lost when your hair cuticle was damaged, and that can lead to revived curls. Plus keratin fills in the damaged areas of the cuticle so the hair is smoother, stronger and better defined. OK ... Then the rinse out, followed by a DC to moisturize the hair (I use Heaven In Hair conditioner by DevaCurl). Left that on for 1 hr. and rinsed. You may have to repeat this process for the next few times you go to wash your hair.
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I'll keep that in mind .... I thought about buying the suave clarifying shampoo but ended up buying the mint one. (Not sure why i even did that..) but I've been looking for a protein treatment and I'm still in the process of finding to see what products work.