According to this article, bad credit can be a dealbreaker for some people:

Perfect 10? Never Mind That. Ask Her for Her Credit Score. - Yahoo! Finance

This is particularly vexing for me because 10 years ago, my mother manipulated me into co-signing a mortgage for her. I never lived in the house. She was supposed to be responsible for making the payments. Last year, she retired and was suddenly unable to make the payments on her reduced income. As I could not afford to pay for housing for myself as well as for her, we had to let the house go. I settled with the mortgage company to do a "deed in lieu" instead of foreclosure, whereby they would seize the house, sell it and accept whatever it sold for instead of sticking me with the difference between what it would sell for and the remaining loan balance. Before all this, my credit was around 725. I'm sure it's dropped substantially since then, even though I pay all of my other bills on time. I hadn't wanted to co-sign in the first place and I'm angry at myself for not being strong enough to stand up to my mother at the time. It was a hard lesson. The fact that some people would consider me as little more than some number rather than the person I am and what I've learned really bothers me.
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