Hello ladies

First I have to say I have enjoyed reading all of your stories, and have learned quite a bit! Anyways, I decided to forage into the online dating world, and my experience so far has been different to say the least. I met one guy about 3 weeks ago. In the beginning, I wasn't that into him, but he was nice and I enjoyed his company. As the days passed though, I started to like him more and more, as I know he did me as well. We have discussed that we are both actively dating, and not sure if/when we want something exclusive. There are two things that turn me off about him..he is 22 and I am 27, and he is moving to Phoenix in June. This past weekend, we spent the majority of the weekend together. Dinner, going out, hanging out at his house with his friends. Since then though, he has seriously backed off.

My problem is, and maybe unbiased opinions on this will be helpful, is when I start "catching" feelings for someone, I tend to cling a little and become over analytical. I don't want to back off from him completely, but at the same time I know how I get and I like this guy. When I like someone, I like them and want to see them any opportunity that we can. But the connundrum is he is leaving so I'm not even sure I should pursue anything more serious with this guy. I even feel slightly guilty staying on the website because the other guys I talk to seem boring in comparison. I'm not sure what I'm trying to get at here, but just thought I'd get some advice in general when it comes to dating. I can be intense for most guys, and either they love it and keep wanting more, or they totally back off from me. I promise I'm not crazy lol I'm just very vocal about my feelings and brutally honest. So if you read all of this thanks lol and maybe some pointers will be good. I believe I am inept at casual dating, and not sure how it works.