My boss is out of town at her BFís motherís funeral. And the accounting department needs her to sign off on some rush invoices that need to be paid. I generally log the invoices into a database so we can keep track of our departmentís spending. Then I pass the invoices to my boss and bug her in a couple days if she hasnít signed off yet. She works hard, probably doing 3 times the work she should do. If I absolutely need her for something, Iíll contact her on her day off. Funerals are where I draw the line. So the rush invoice can wait IMO. And Iím not going to even tell her about it until she gets back, or go through any contortions trying to figure out how to get the invoice to her or how she could get it signed and back to me.

Thatís my take on it. What would you do?

ETA: There's a typo in one of the poll options. I don't know how to edit that.

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