Personally, I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT, comb my hair once I've rinsed out conditioner. If I do, I get more frizz than curls. I've tried 'em all: Denman brush, wide tooth comb, finger combing - nope. For me, what works best is:
rinse conditioner while head is upside down.
While still standing in the shower, with head upside down, gently sway head back & forth. Scrunch styling product of choice into sopping wet hair, squishing it in an 'accordion' fashion up to the scalp. I'll do this about three times (adding a dab more product for each round of scrunching/squishing). Then I plop into a microfiber towel (anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes), remove the towel, let my curls air dry for 30 minutes or so, then quickly hit with the diffuser if it's cold out.

I hope this is helpful and not terribly confusing.
Hair Type: 3A/3B; natural color; mid-back length.
Shampoo: Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus (2 - 3 times/week)
Fave Rinse-Out Conditioners: HE Hello Hydration; Yes to Blueberries; GVP Conditioning Balm;
Styling Routine: Squish-scrunch product /conditioner into soaking wet, upside down hair; plop for 10 minutes, air dry. (Diffuser dry front section.)
Fave Styling Products: KCKT; Tigi Curl Amplifier Creme; Batia & Aleeza gel; Giovanni Sunset Styler; LA Looks Sport Gel.